What next?  It’s a problem

Too many projects in mind not enough time. It’s 6a.m. and I should be sleeping but here I am thinking of what project  I should start.  A series of turtles, a mosaic, Thomas the train or should I start with a window size butterfly, and the list goes on.  I really want to concentrate on the right project right now.

See the problem, when you are an artist at heart to many projects, not enough time.   So many times a lack of sleep will make my list of things to do, longer and longer.  So at 6 am I start going over my inventory in my head.  I’ve got everything to start the turtles, I’m missing one glass color for Thomas the train and I haven’t looked at what colors I’d like to make my butterfly.

These projects should be easy to do projects and take no time at all.  What am I saying, no time at all? I’m looking at a good two hours, not bad at all.  Then don’t forget the wash, buff and shine.

So, you guessed it. I did Thomas the Train, he should have taken 2 hours, after starting over a few times, I finally got it right.  Well, almost because although it looks good, next Thomas the Train will be a little more symmetrical.   All I can say is, it’s cute and I hope Jack likes it.